Flexible & Improved
Border-Crossing Experience

for Passengers & Authorities

FLEXI-Cross Methodology

Predictive Risk Assessment
Based on distributed data and camera feed processing, enabling specific patterns detection and providing anti-trafficking and anti-smuggling protection.

Enhanced border security through portable biometric-based checks (fingerprint, facial recognition), enabling quick and secure person verification and allowing for real-time cross-referencing with other data sources/databases.

Flexible, fast and cost-effective deployment of ad-hoc Border Check Points (BCPs),with the use of mobile/portable solutions and equipment.

Secure, private and traceable sensitive/personal data exchange based
on the FLEXI-cross blockchain, enabled data change and processing framework.

More (time and cost) efficient border checking procedures at EU borders through optimisation (flow management, active planning), based on real-time data, historical data, available resources and traffic estimations.

Increased safety and improved experience for border-personnel, based on advanced Human Machine Interfaces for immediate feedback and enhanced situational awareness via Augmented Reality (AR) devices.


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