Welcome to the 1st FLEXI-cross Blog article!

In the 1st blog article, we will delve into the dynamic realm of ‘AR Situational Awareness & Border Security,’ offering insights, updates, and noteworthy developments shaping the landscape of our ongoing endeavours.

4 thoughts on “1st FLEXI-cross Blog: AR Situational Awareness & Border Security!”

  1. We’re thrilled to kick start our blog series within the FLEXI-cross project, and what better way to begin than by diving into the intriguing world of AR Situational Awareness and Border Security. In this article, we will explore the contribution of augmented reality technology and its pivotal role in enhancing border security measures.

    But here’s the exciting part: we want to hear from YOU! Share your thoughts, insights, and questions on this captivating topic in the comments section below. Let’s spark interactive discussions and exchange ideas on our blogging platform. Your feedback is invaluable as we embark on this journey together. Stay tuned for more engaging content and stimulating conversations! #FLEXIcross #AR #BorderSecurity #BlogDiscussion

  2. Interesting blog, but is there any historical data that shows what could be the error margin with such new technology, and since border security is very sensitive to errors, how we can mitigate such risk

    1. Harsh Manoj Shah

      Thank you for your question Thomas.

      In the project, AR technology visualizes crucial data generated by other modules within the FLEXI-cross toolkit and provides additional functionality for interacting with the data. Therefore, the error margin, especially with sensitive border security data, is contingent on the performance of these other FLEXI-cross toolkit modules. However, the performance of AR technology within FLEXI-cross may be impacted by network parameters such as latency and bandwidth.

      I hope this answers your query. Let us know if you have any further questions.

  3. Harsh Manoj Shah

    We at Hololight couldn’t agree more! As pioneers of AR/VR technology and leader of the AR Situation Awareness within FLEXIcross project, the interactive discussions like these allow us to explore different viewpoints and deepen our understanding of the topic. Let’s keep the conversation going and learn from each other’s insights. #FLEXIcross #AR #BorderSecurity #BlogDiscussion

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