1st Review Meeting

The FLEXI-cross project partners recently gathered in Brussels on April 16th for a pivotal meeting, joined by the esteemed Project Officer and external reviewers. The session began with a unique approach, conducting the first part without any electronic devices. This precautionary measure was taken due to the high security concerns surrounding our project implementation and the critical nature of the data we handle.


During this device-free session, our technical partners delivered oral presentations showcasing the innovative modules currently under development. These presentations emphasized the unique value these modules bring to the project and how they will fulfill our initial promises.


In the second part of the meeting, we transitioned to a well-organized series of presentations. Here, partners shared updates on the overall project activities, as well as advancements in dissemination and communication efforts. The session concluded with valuable feedback from the Project Officer and external reviewers, guiding us toward the next steps.


We’re thrilled to announce that field trials are on the horizon, marking another significant milestone in our journey.