Welcome to the 3rd FLEXI-cross blog article!

In the third blog article, we will delve into the dynamic realm of ‘Biometric Authentication’, offering insights, updates, and noteworthy developments shaping the landscape of our ongoing endeavors.

2 thoughts on “3rd FLEXI-cross Blog: Biometric Authentication”

  1. Hi, first let me commend you on the impressive innovation in the FLEXI-cross project. I have a question regarding GDPR compliance. Since biometric data is highly confidential and must be protected from unauthorized access, how do you plan to ensure the security of this data and prevent any eavesdropping?

  2. The implementation of SA in the biometric authentication process could represent a significant step forward in combating cross-border crime and improving overall security. What are the retention policies for biometric data in the FLEXI-cross system and how are data handled when no longer needed?

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