Early Validation FLEXI-cross tool in Ormenio

In the context of the early validation of FLEXI-cross trials and specifically the Use Case 2, the Greek-Bulgarian Road based border-crossing trial, Center for Security Studies (Trial leader), WINGS (Technical Trial leader) and Hellenic Police (Operational leader) visited on 17 May 2024 the Greek-Bulgarian Border Crossing Point (BCP) of Ormenio in Evros region of Greece to install the WINGS’ on-board-units equipped with CO2, humidity, temperature sensors, accelerometer and GPS to a list of vehicles & trucks which will participate in the trial execution phase. Additionally, a set of Roadsite Unit (RSU) cameras have been installed and calibrated to perform plate recognition and detection of suspicious driving behaviour events in the BCP (e.g. U-turns and unlawful parking). Last, a live feed from the tethered drone of KEMEA has been tested in the area of interest. Stay tuned for more updates.

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