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FLEXI-cross 4th plenary meeting


From September 13th to 14th, the FLEXI-cross project partners gathered in Palermo, Italy, for the 4th plenary meeting. Guided by the Project Coordinator Mr. Giuseppe Vella, who represents Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A (ENG) in Italy, this meeting marked a significant milestone in the project collaborative journey.


A Convergence of Minds

Representatives from project partners BEIA, eBOS, WINGS, HOLO, ICCS, KEMEA, GIBP, IGPF, TCCFR, ATG, and HPOL came together to delve deep into the heart of the project’s progress. Engaging discussions spanned a spectrum of crucial areas, including the advancement of project activities and the meticulous development of the diverse modules that collectively constitute the powerful FLEXI-cross toolkit.


Bridging to the Future

One of the highlights was an interactive session, dedicated to understanding and addressing the precise steps that will be essential for end users within each of the project’s scenarios. This user-centric approach underlines the project commitment to creating solutions that are not only cutting-edge but also intuitively user-friendly.