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FLEXI-cross project joins "The Border External Security Cluster" initiated and led by METICOS

Border External Security cluster (BES cluster) consisting of projects with a shared vision, is dedicated to mutual support, proactive problem solving, and maximizing the reach and impact of their innovative solutions.

Through collaborative endeavors, the cluster aspires to bring a drastic change in current state in the areas and fields that the projects are working upon.


Through its participation in BES cluster, FLEXI-cross project aims 

1. To reach out to broader audience 

2. To scale up to the national administration organizations and cross-border agencies

3. To exchange information, best practices and methodologies that enable its partners to explore synergies and amplify the potential of pilot activities

4. To work towards amplifying the influence of sustainability and exploitation plans during the project execution 

For more information on the BES cluster and the participating projects, kindly visit below BES cluster website