Empowering EU Border Security: FLEXI-cross at the 87th Thessaloniki International Trade Fair

The Center for Security Studies of the Ministry of Citizen Protection (KEMEA) was honored to participate in the distinguished 87th Thessaloniki International Trade Fair, held from September 9th to 17th, 2023. 

At this prestigious event, we proudly showcased the FLEXI-cross project, a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to enhancing the security and dependability of EU border checks for both individuals and goods.


FLEXI-cross strives to achieve this objective through the development, deployment, and rigorous validation of an innovative toolkit, poised to revolutionize border-checking procedures. The Fair played host to an esteemed gathering of Greek political leaders, key decision-makers from various Ministries and Agencies, representatives from industries, prominent research institutions, and distinguished members of academia.


This platform provided an invaluable opportunity to not only raise awareness about the FLEXI-cross project but also to articulate the substantial value it brings to the realm of border management. We remain committed to advancing the cause of EU border security through innovation, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.