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FLEXI-cross at RISESD 2023 event

FLEXI-cross is participating in RISESD2023 event. 

Dr. Giuseppe Vella, FLEXI-cross project coordinator, will be presenting the toolkit of innovative border checking solutions that will deliver increased security and reliability of border checks for people and goods while enhancing and improving the border management capabilities.

RISESD is an international EU research and innovation event in the field of Disaster and Crisis Management, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Fight Crime and Terrorism, Cybersecurity, Border Security and Defence Research.

RISESD 2023 will be held from 29th till 31st of May, in Rhodes, Greece.

Learn more about the event here: Home – Research and Innovation Symposium for European SECURITY and Defense 2023 (

Stay tuned for more updates about FLEXI-cross participation at the event.

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