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The FLEXI-cross project kicks-off!

The kick-off meeting of the FLEXI-cross project took place virtually on the 12th of September 2022.

This 36-month Research and Innovation project is funded under Horizon Europe and officially started on the 1st of September 2022.

The meeting was chaired by the Project Coordinator Mr. Giuseppe Vella, who represents Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A (ENG) in Italy. The project partners BEIA, eBOS, WINGS, HOLO, ICCS, KEMEA, GIBP, IGPF, TCCFR, ATG and HPOL discussed their roles and responsibilities and agreed on a common ground for the kick-off meeting requirements.

FLEXI-cross targets the deployment and continuous validation of a toolkit of innovative border-checking solutions in real operational environments. These solutions will deliver increased security and reliability of border checks for people and goods, which can be enabled by innovative technologies [5G and Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data and Predictive Analytics, Cloud and Edge Computing and more], aiming at enhancing and improving the border management capabilities. The resulting flexibility and dynamicity of border check planning will offer novel capabilities, such as the dynamic deployment of checkpoints and support via mobile applications for border personnel while guaranteeing a high level of security, the privacy of personal data, and the protection of people’s fundamental rights. The design and architecture of the implemented solutions will be based on the analysis of the technical and service requirements of the EU border authorities (e.g., Frontex) and will offer seamless integration with existing systems and devices currently utilised by them.