About Us

Objective 1

Design and develop mobile, cost-effective and efficient solutions that will significantly upgrade the operational capacity of EU Border Check Points and introduce flexible planning and check-point deployment procedures leading to a seamless border crossing experience for travelers, operators and staff of border authorities.


Objective 2

Increase security, reliability and privacy during cross-border checks for both passengers and cargo, by providing advanced anti-trafficking and anti-smuggling mechanisms, while securing and protecting people’s fundamental rights and personal data, through a comprehensive data governance framework.

Objective 3

Set up three state-of-the-art border-crossing facilities based on real operational EU border environments, by upgrading existing infrastructure and legacy systems from consortium partners and previous EU-funded projects to support the thorough testing of the use cases in road, port and rail environments.

Objective 4

Validate the FLEXI-cross solutions in real-life EU border-crossing environments using real end-user data that will showcase the maturity and business readiness of the solutions (TRL≥7), demonstrating the superior performance in terms of traffic handling capacity, waiting times, security and privacy.

Objective 5

To accelerate the adoption of the proposed dynamic, flexible and mobile technological solutions by the EU border authorities, and to maximize the resulting impact on daily border management and operations, in close liaison with existing projects and initiatives.