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Synergy Workshop

FLEXI-cross project is set to participate in a collaborative synergy workshop scheduled for January 12, 2024, alongside two other projects, I-SEAMORE and ODYSSEUS. The primary objective of this workshop is to identify points of convergence among the three projects across three key domains:

  1. Technical Solutions: This involves the exploration and discussion of applied technologies related to border management within each project.
  2. Dissemination & Exploitation: Participants will engage in conversations to discuss exploitation strategies, dissemination techniques, and the formulation of collaborative initiatives.
  3. Ethical and Legal Considerations: The workshop will delve into the examination of social, ethical, legal, and private frameworks within each project. The focus will be on identifying potential synergies in these areas.

Collaborative efforts will be undertaken by project coordinators, technical teams, and partners in dissemination, communication, and exploitation during the workshop. The aim is to collectively shape collaboration activities extending beyond the workshop itself.

We anticipate that this collaborative endeavor will yield valuable insights and contribute to the advancement and impact of each respective project.