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FLEXI-cross project is an EU funded project, that aims at developing, deploying, testing and validating a toolkit of innovative border-checking solution, in real operational environments. 

The project was initiated to overcome the main challenges faced by border management authorities, starting from long queues on the border check points, to human trafficking, irregular crossing and contraband smuggling. 

The various solutions of the toolkit will be deployed in different use cases that will be implemented along the project in order to reinforce and support border checks of goods and people crossing the European borders. 

Throughout the project, many technologies will exploited such as 5G, IOT, AI/ML, Big Data and Cloud/Edge Computing in order to improve the border check points procedure and operation and make it more reliable and secure. 

Many functionality make up the Unique Value proposition of FLEXI-cross toolkit: 

1. Predictive Risk Assessment of vehicles and people 

2. Enhanced border security through portable biometric based checks 

3. Flexible, fast and cost-effective deployment of ad-hoc Border Check Points 

4. Secure, private and traceable sensitive / personal data exchange 

5. More efficient border checking procedures 

6. Increased safety and improved experience for border-personnel